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Don't be fooled into thinking that all clutch packs are the same. Find out how big a difference quality can make to your ATV or dirt bike with EBC's Clutch Kits.

If you need proof that EBC Clutch Kits greatly eliminate clutch fade, look no further than the kit's pin-planished steel plates. These plates resist heat and distortion better than OEM alloy plates and increase the amount of oil inside the pack, keeping the clutch from burning up and fading when it's hot. EBC's fiber plates are also fantastic, built with an array of long-wearing but super-grippy materials for absolutely positive hook up without sacrificing longevity. Most importantly, EBC clutch kits keep the same overall stack height as your OEM clutch for the exact tolerances it needs to operate properly. All of these plates will be held together by the included heavy-duty springs so you get the most from EBC's high standard and innovations.

When you get frustrated with a clutch that sticks, fades, and slips, get a new EBC Clutch Kit and let EBC remind you how great a clutch can feel.

  • Pin-planished, heat dispersing steel plates
  • Heavy-duty springs included
  • Maintains OEM clutch stack height
  • Increased oil flow through clutch pack
  • Includes friction plates, steel plates, heavy-duty clutch springs