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      Tusk - Your Trustworthy Off-Roading Partner

      Tusk is globally renowned for its powerful products – from motorcycle luggage to ADV luggage and beyond. They have a wide inventory featuring unique products to support your off-roading journey. All the products are built with premium-quality materials to ensure the best results. Each product has to undergo variant tests and trials before handing over to the customers to ensure your safety and lasting performance.

      Inventory for Every Off-Road Situation

      The inventors at Tusk Off-Road understand the challenge you come across while driving through the most demanding roads. Hence, they offer an extensive inventory with solutions for all your problems. Their collection includes a sturdy and height-adjustable motorcycle tire changing stand that can firmly hold 26-inch to 36-inch tires off the ground so you can comfortably change the tires. The stand with gripped steps offers reliable stability and features an axle stud that securely holds the wheel in place while the rubber-coated rim stabilizer prevents scratches.

      They also have a Tusk UTV Spare Tire Carrier integrated with a solid rear bumper to protect your valuable investments. The tire carrier utilizes existing chassis holes and makes installation an easy task. It also helps to increase the storage space and makes it easier to carry adventure bags and coolers. Featuring a laser cut design, it offers ample space for installing nylon straps or bungee hooks.

      Tusk also offers a wide variety of tires for variant off-roading requirements. Their Dsport Adventure Motorcycle Tire is one of the best dual sports tires that functions efficiently on and off-road. Designed with an aggressive tread pattern and unique rubber compound, the Dsport tire offers top-notch performance in the toughest off-road conditions while maintaining a sturdy grip for a safe and smooth ride.

      If you want to take your UTV or ATV on variant terrains, switch to their Terrabite tire with a truck-style tread pattern, 8-ply rated construction, and premium rubber compound that delivers excellent multi-surface performance along with high mileage wear. Its aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread provides ultimate dirt, sand, and rocks protection. They also feature multiple repair kits for long trail rides so you can fix the issues quickly and move on with the adventures.

      Products That Provide All-Rounder Support

      Tusk has an inventory that covers all the solutions you need to go on an adventurous off-roading trip. From repair kits to tire holders and stands, Tusk has everything you need to enjoy road trips on any vehicle without running into any issues. Constructed with premium materials after extensive research, the brand brings you peace of mind for every journey.