Why EKS LUCID Goggles Are Key to Maximizing Vision in Off-Roading

Off-roading escapades involve poor visibility in sunny, windy, or foggy conditions. Wearing professional bike rider’s goggles can be safe and let’s you enjoy the adventure to the full tune. Nowadays, popular sports gear brands are bringing innovative off-roading goggles. One of the most reliable latest biking goggles are EKS Lucid goggles. They are designed to provide clear perception in challenging conditions. They also have added leverage from outriggers and soft-padded frame for perfect fit on the face. The EKS series of off-roading goggles are also known for robust technology. Here we will tell you why to trust the EKS Lucid goggles flo more than your eyes, at challenging off-roads.

Adventure Driving Goggles with Hi-Tech Features

The Lucid goggles are manufactured with the latest technology after thorough R&D, to enhance the clear perception of the eyes. It lets you see the terrain, bumps, and boulders in detail. They are ideal for off-roading activities from leisure drives to professional vehicle race tournaments. As vehicle racing sports evolve, clear vision functions to help you win the competitions without even the slightest injury. Hence, you must include the EKS Lucid goggle flo in your dirt bike cargo, to see far beyond what is possible from normal eyesight. 

EKS Lucid goggle flo

Below are some special features of EKS Lucid goggles that make them stand apart from ordinary goggles:

  • Double-injected, race-proven DYAD frame
  • DO injection-molded lenses
  • XDO lens with a hard coat and anti-fog treatment
  • Ultra-wide field of view accepts zip-off film system

EKS Lucid – Xtreme Definition Optics Lens Technology

Before all other fluffy comfort-giving features, the Lucid goggles are made of XDO lenses which are injection-molded. They offer the highest quality impact resistance in off-roading conditions, especially bumps and gravel. The polycarbonate material lens manufacturing provides the goggles zero visual distortion which is key to your performance in the off-roading jeep and car competitions. Besides, they also offer the widest view angle that is rare to see in ordinary goggles. The extra-tall roll-off system of the goggles makes them outstandingly reliable for adventure biking on hazy days. They are also suitable for mountain biking, dune-bashing, and motocross sports.

Clearest Vision and Protective Seal for Eyes on Bad Weather Day

EKS Lucid goggle Solid Gold Mirror

The EKS Lucid goggle Solid Gold Mirror comes with a rugged DYAD rigid outer frame that firmly holds the lens in the frame for a better sealing experience. With a medium fit, the lenses have an interchangeable system that enables you to see clearly during the fog of winter. Its pull tab enables the vehicle rider to easily adapt to the varying topographical conditions in any weather. Besides, these lenses also offer excellent UV-A and UV-B protection under the scorching sun, making them perfect for going up and down on sand dunes.They offer definitive safety for the driver’s eyes, from flying sand and debris.

A Faultless Eye-Seal without Facial Pressure

The EKS Lucid goggles clear lens also have an outer frame with double-injecting and a soft inner frame. The POLYFLEX face-forming material makes them unique, soft, and secure in the fitting. Here is a glance of the EKS goggle fitting system:

  • Rugged double-injected DYAD frames
  • POLYFLEXface-forming inner frame
  • FORCEFIT outrigger system
  • Silicone traction ultra-wide woven strap for optimum control
  • WAVELATCH quick-change lens locking system

EKS Lucid goggles clear lens

The best thing about the EKS frame is, it allows the inner frame to adjust well with a variety of rider's face shapes and sizes, irrespective of inherent ethnicity. The seal fit eliminates any pressure points on cheekbones, eyebrow lines, or nose. Moreover, the detachable low-profile nose shield with venting is an add-on for protection.

EKS Lucid Goggles Flo- Most Protective for Vehicle Racing

The EKS goggles have become synonymous with driver’s safety since their very launch. They provide an evergreen reliance for visibility to vehicle racers and riders alike. The goggles push vision function to the maximum with incredible lens, frame, fit, and technology with the least visual falsification. Here is what makes them different from common off-roading adventure goggles:

  • FLOAIR ventilation system with moisture channel
  • Thick, 3D molded, multi-stage face foam
  • Detachable nose shield with venting
  • Integrated tear-off posts
  • Ultra-wide field of view accepts zip-off film system

Dirt Bike Lucid Goggles with Secure Locking System

 EKS Lucid goggles race red

The EKS Lucid goggles race red is equipped with WAVELATCH lens locking technology. They keep the lens secure during bumpy rides on lava gravels, riverbed boulders, and contouring desert dunes. This locking enhances easy swapping of lenses with other tinted lenses in a single slide of thumb, making them suitable for clear vision during mirage and Northern lights adventures.

Universal Fit EKS Lucid Goggles Flo for Every Face Type

We all know, people on different continents have different facial features that have evolved over millions of years and are highly based on the climatic conditions of the region. For example – the noseor eye shape of mountain and desert dwellers are highly different from Caucasoids. The EKS goggles are 3Dmolded in a shape that adjusts to all human facial types,irrespective of region and race. With a multi-stage face foam structure, they create a unique fit for every driver's face. The innovative moisture channels easily let the perspiration out, keeping the face free from sweat while off-roading adventures. The FLOAIR moisture channel is specially designed to allow moisture and sweat to run down from the sides, making them ideal for foggy conditions in the Alps and riversides.

Unmatched Performance for Off-Road Vehicle Adventures

EKS Lucid goggle silver lens

The EKS Lucid goggle silver lens is armed with a FORCEFIT outrigger design that has an ultra-wide woven strap, and a silicone traction control. All these features are essential for proper goggle tension that helps the eyes remain stress-free for a long time. They also provide high resilience, protecting the eyes in case of minor collisions. The high transparency, slip-resistance, and shatter-proof construction are perfect for multipurpose off-road adventures. They are suitable for riding motocross sports vehicles, ATVs, mountain bikes, heavy-duty sports bicycles, and Powersports. 

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