How Often Should I Change Dirt Bike Tires?

How often should you change your dirt bike tires? This is a question that a lot of riders are unsure about, and for a good reason.

Over time, riding your dirt bike over rough terrain will gradually damage and degrade your tires. Although you might take the best care of them, all dirt bike tires need to be eventually replaced for safety reasons and peak performance. Therefore, understanding how long a set of dirt bike tires typically last is key information, as well as knowing when it's necessary to replace them with a new pair.

The average lifespan of a dirt bike tire is 1,500-2,500 miles, although some can last up to 4,500 miles. The amount of time and mileage you can get out of a tire without compromising safety and performance will vary depending on various factors, including how often you ride, the type of terrain you're riding on, and even the weather.

In this article, we will discuss all of these factors and help you to determine how often you should replace your dirt bike tires. We'll also provide some tips on how to make them last longer!

Red Flags That Show Your Old Dirt Bike Tires Are Worn Out

Many dirt bike riders have trouble determining when to replace their tires since they don't keep track of how many miles or hours they've used a specific set. Fortunately, there are other ways to tell. The easiest method to determine if your dirt bike tires are worn out is to do a visual inspection of them. Begin by examining the knobs on the tire for any indications of:

  • Tire fading and/or discoloration.
  • Rounded, missing, or torn knobs
  • Cuts and cracks found either on the sidewall or between the tire knobs.

If the knobs look good, you can test the tire's overall condition, color, and flexibility. If you discover that the material surrounding your tire's knobs is cracking or fading, it may be time to replace them. If you notice that your dirt bike tire is difficult to bend or bounce likely means the rubber is old and losing necessary flexibility.

Be Mindful Of Expiration Dates

Another factor that riders need to keep in mind is the length of time they have owned their old pair of tires. This is particularly important for those who don't ride often. This is because dirt bike tires do have an expiration date.

Even if they are stored properly and never used, rubber tires will eventually become less pliable and diminish in quality over time. This is why you should check your dirt bike tires for any signs of wear and tear before every ride, regardless of how recently you last rode it.

All dirt bike tires have a date code representing the week and year of manufacturing stamped on their sidewalls. To find it, check for an oval stamp containing numbers; this is the date code.

If the tire is between one and five years old, it should be acceptable to use. However, if it has aged beyond that age, you should look for the red flags listed above to see if the tires are still suitable for use.

Factors Affecting Dirt Bike Tire Longevity

As a general rule of thumb, most dirt bike tires will last the average rider between 1500 to 2500 miles or 25 to 40 hours of ride time. Your tires could last significantly longer or shorter, depending on a variety of factors.

Among these factors, we can include the following:

  • Dirt bike tire quality: Not all tires are created equal. The quality of the tire will play a role in how long it lasts. Dirt bike tires like the Tusk EMEX T-45 or the Tusk Dsport Adventure will last you much longer than lower-quality models.
  • Type of terrain: If you frequently ride on harsh terrain with a lot of rocks, roots, and other debris, your tires will wear out faster than if you stick to smoother trails.
  • Riding style: If you're an aggressive rider who frequently stands on the pegs, your tires will wear out faster than a more conservative rider.
  • Weather conditions: If you frequently ride in hot weather, your tires will wear out faster than if you stick to cooler temperatures.
  • Bike setup: If your bike is set up properly, with the correct tire pressure and alignment, your tires will last longer than if it's not.
  • Riding frequency: The more you ride, the faster your tires will wear out.
  • Maintenance: If you regularly clean and inspect your tires, they will last longer than if you don't.

If you have to replace your dirt bike tires more frequently than the average rider, consider the factors listed above. It's possible that you're riding too hard and putting too much wear and strain on your tires or that you aren't maintaining them regularly, resulting in their faster deterioration.

Extending Your Dirt Bike Tires Lifespan

There are ways to make your dirt bike tires last longer if you're growing tired of replacing them too frequently, and checking the air pressure before every ride is the first step. Remember that over-inflated tires lead to a greater risk of blowouts, while under-inflated ones aren't as easy to control and stopping takes more time with these tires. Additionally, they usually wear out faster than properly inflated ones do.

Checking the pressure with a tire pressure gauge is a simple maintenance procedure that can help ensure your tires are in good working order before you go out riding. You may also try to avoid or limit their exposure to high temperatures and weather conditions. Though riding in difficult conditions might be exciting, it speeds up the degradation of the tire's material. If you frequently ride in extreme heat or leave your bike out in sunlight, this effect is amplified.

Store your dirt bike in a cool, well-ventilated place like a garage or a storage container, and cover it when not used. It is an excellent method to keep all components secure from the elements and dust, dirt, and other debris that might harm them over time. Finally, avoid trekking on hardpack dirt and pebbles, as they can quickly wear down your tires. Choose the softer variant if you're forced to pick a dirt or gravel track.


After learning how long tires typically last and what signs to watch out for to determine when they need replacement, you can now confirm the condition of your tires and potentially extend their lifespan. Always remember to perform regular maintenance on your bike, and always check your tires for safety purposes and optimal performance before each ride.

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