What Are The Types Of Axles?

A UTV or dirt bike axle is a shaft that rotates and supports the wheels. Every vehicle needs an axle, which can be classified as the front, rear, or stubby axle. The axle is connected to the wheels on one side and a differential on the other through a sun gear. Some axles are fixed to the wheels and rotate together with the wheels, whilst other axles are fixed to the vehicles and only the wheels can rotate relative to the axle. For the second scenario, bearings are utilized.

Dirt Bikes with non-locking axle nuts can be replaced with axle nuts like the Tusk Nyloc Axle Nut. They are resistant to corrosion and provide your bike with a factory look. Moreover, the Axle Bearing Carriers like Tusk ATV Axle Bearing Carriers allow you to replace your axle bearings if the need ever arises. The majority of them arrive fully constructed and equipped to swap out your OE axle bearing carrier and bearings.

Rear Axle

The rear axle is in charge of sending power to the turning wheels. Half shafts, which are its two parts, are joined by the differential. The majority of the time, the rear axles spin along with the wheels of the vehicle. You can find high-quality rear axles like Tusk Hd CV Axle on MX Powerplay. 

Types of Rear Axle

  • Semi-Floating Axle
  • A bearing on a semi-floating axle is both on the axle and inside the axle casing. This rear axle firmly holds the wheel in place by connecting it to the flange on the outside of the axle shaft. It must support all of the vehicle's loads. The differential side gear supports the axle's inner end. The semi-floating axle is the most fundamental type of axle. It is extensively utilized in automobiles, SUVs, dirt bikes, and mid-size trucks like half-tons and light-duty pickups because it is affordable as well.

  • Full Floating Axle
  • Between the axle casing and wheel hub, a full floating axle contains two deep groove balls or taper roller bearings. It is only intended to transfer driving torque. The axle's location is controlled by the way it is handled at both ends because it does not have bearings supporting it at either end. The performance of full-floating axles is often better for larger vehicles like heavy-duty trucks and dirt bikes. Full-floating dirt bike axles can also be advantageous for some mid-size trucks with higher towing capabilities or those that employ four-wheel drive frequently.

  • Three Quarter Floating Axle
  • Between the hub and the axle casing of a three-quarter floating axle is a bearing. As a result, the axle casing takes on the weight of the dirt bikes. The axle absorbs the side thrust and driving torque. The inner end of this axle is built similarly to a semi-floating axle. However, it is more reliable and sophisticated than a semi-floating axle. In addition to managing side thrust and operating torque, it aids in maintaining wheel alignment. Despite being more dependable, the three-quarter floating axle is not as straightforward as the semi-floating axle.

    Front Axle

    This axle is important for aiding in steering and absorbing shocks from the road's irregular surface. It is located in the front of the vehicle. The beam, swivel pin, track rod, and stub axle are their four primary components. Front axles need to be as strong as possible, hence nickel steel or carbon steel are frequently used in their construction. You can find high-quality front axles like Tusk Hd CV Axle on MX Powerplay.

    Tusk HD CV Axle
  • Live Front Axle
  • The live front axles differ from the gear front axles at the end of the axle half shaft where the wheels are mounted, although being similar. The front axles transmit the gearbox's driving force to the front wheels. Along with the front wheels in dirt bikes, it revolves.

  • Dead Front Axle
  • The axles that are immovable and do not revolve around the wheels are referred to as the dead front axles. These axles can support a vehicle because of their high strength and rigidity. The majority of dead front axles and differentials have enclosures that keep them out of the mud or water.

    Stub Axle

    Kingpins connect stub axles to the vehicle's front wheels, which are attached by these axles. It is constructed from alloy steel containing chromium and molybdenum and nickel steel. It activates the pinned pin used for the light drive. A taper cotter pin locks the axle beam eye. 

    1. Elliott: To connect to the front axle, this kind requires a kingpin, a yoke, and a cotter.
    2. Reverse Elliot: This kind of stub axle has the opposite configuration of a typical Elliot stub axle.
    3. Lamoine: Rather than a yoke-style hinge, this form of stub axle has an L-shaped spindle.
    4. Reverse Lamoine: Its design is the opposite of that of a Lamoine stub axle in general.

    It's necessary to maintain the appropriate operation of your axles because they are crucial to the performance of your vehicles. Here are a few indicators that your axle needs to be repaired.

    When you ride your dirt bike, you either hear a loud clang or experience vibrations. Despite being in motion, your vehicle won't go forward or backward while it is running.