The Complete Guide to EKS Brand and Their Lucid Goggle

Founded by Rich Taylor and his father, Hook Taylor, the EKS Brand has an experience-rich history that helped the founders create an exclusive range of goggles, cherished by every user around the world. Since the early ‘70s, the father and son duo has been testing, selling, and developing innovative high-performance protective eyewear. Dedicated to offering you the best performance and experience with their goggle collection, the family developed a premium range of goggles – LUCID GOGGLE!
It took five years of research and development to curate  LUCID GOGGLE, characterized by a clear vision. The family-owned and –operated goggle brand utilized years of R&D, experience, passion, and evolution in the goggle business to deliver a goggle range that promises to offer a clear vision in the most demanding situations.


What sets the LUCID GOGGLE apart from the rest?

The EKS Brand focuses on offering top-notch quality products without burning a hole in your pocket. Apart from a reasonable price point, here are a few things that make the Lucid Goggle stand out:

Incredible Lens Technology: The EKS Brand has meticulously crafted the Lucid Goggle to enhance your vision and take the functions of a goggle to a new level. To achieve their goals, they incorporated the incredible Xtreme Definition Optics (XDO) lens technology. This powerful XDO lens is injection molded from premium-quality impact-resistant polycarbonate material so you can enjoy zero visual distortion. The durable lens is pre-curved and is available in nine different colors and tints so you can choose the right one to suit your style. The pre-curved XDO lens has an anti-fog coating that prevents dust from sticking to the inner portions and makes it easier to clean. However, please ensure that you do not clean the leans with any glass cleaner as it may distort the performance and quality.


Sturdy and Durable Frame: The Lucid Goggle is designed with a rugged DYAD rigid outer frame that offers a sturdy hold over the lens. This durably-crafted frame is ideal for creating the ultimate seal for defense against flying debris, snow, and sweat. Its outer frame is double-injected to a soft inner frame that is manufactured from their exclusive Polyflex face-forming material. This unique frame design enables the inner frame to fit properly on varying face shapes, hence creating the best seal and fit. This frame also virtually eliminates any pressure points so you can get a clear view. The Lucid goggle comes with a detachable low-profile vented nose shield that offers extra protection against every roadblock.

Lens Locking Technology: The Lucid goggle is thoughtfully crafted with a rigid frame featuring a soft inner frame for comfort and a thick outer frame for outstanding performance. The EKS brand takes the frame performance up a notch with their WAVELATCH lens locking system that tightly secures the XDO-injected lens and offers a tight seal for a superior experience in all weather conditions. This unique lens locking system makes it easier for the rider to quickly swap out their lens for another tinted lens according to their needs. With just the slide of the thumb, you can easily and quickly change the lens.

Facial Foam for All Season: Since the brand is committed to offering premium-grade performance, they tested out multiple foams with unique designs and shapes. After extensive research and development, the Lucid Goggle is set with 20mm thick, 3D molded, multi-stage, face foam  that offers an unparalleled fit for almost every face shape. This thick foam is crafted with a third layer and their innovative new moisture channel that is molded into the goggle frame to prevent the sweat from dripping or splashing onto your goggle lens. The thick face foam is designed with a FLOAIR moisture channel that lets the sweat run down to the sides of the frame instead of dropping on your eye to distract your vision.


Comfortable yet Eye-Pleasing Design: The Lucid goggle is designed to offer one of the widest fields of view. It utilizes a class-leading 45mm extra-tall roll-off system for absolutely clear vision on the ugliest of days. These goggles feature a unique FORCEFIT outrigger design with a 45mm ultra-wide woven strap and silicone traction control. It offers proper goggle tension for a comfortable and secure fit. You can customize your goggle by switching the lens according to the weather and visibility demands.

Zip-Off System: Offering a wide range of lens to meet your everyday needs, EKS feature the Lucid goggle with a class-leading 45mm extra-tall roll-off system for absolute clear vision even on the ugliest of days. Use the Wavelatch lens locking system to swap the  lens to the zip-off system that comes with standard with two rolls of ultra-thin film, an injection molded anti-fog coated lens that prevents fogging. It also includes integrated bearing film strips that allow you to easily move the film across the lens. Two Zip-Off canisters, one on each side of the film, along with a moisture visor, keep dirt and moisture from seeping beneath the film.


At MxPowerPlay, we have tested a wide range of goggles under variant weather conditions. After our extensive research, we found the Lucid Goggle to top the list and beat the competitors in performance, design, and durability. Hence, we ensure that you can trust EKS to offer you the best products for everyday needs.