EKS BRAND Introduces New Experience of Lucid Goggle

EKS Brand is one of the most reliable and trusted companies in the industry. With over 30 years of experience in the Powersports goggle industry, the founders ensure you bring you premium-quality products that you can cherish for years. They have an extensive range of goggles that can be mixed and matched with variant lenses to serve versatile purposes on the peaks.

Introduction to an Innovative Experience feat. Lucid Goggles

Committed to offering you the best biking experiences, the new range of goggles – Lucid Goggles is characterized by clear perception. Crafted with over 35 years of research and development combined with valuable experience, passion, and evolution, the brand has revolutionized the goggle business with its latest invention.

With the ever-evolving demands, the EKS brand realized the opportunity to bring something that will tenfold enhance your motorsport experience. Every biking enthusiast needs to get a clear vision while enjoying the sport and that is exactly what the Lucid Goggle does – to bring you the best vision in the most demanding situations and weather conditions. 

The Lucid goggle is ideally designed to progress your vision and offer an enhanced goggle function with its incredible Xtreme Definition Optics (XDO) lens technology. Their premium-quality XDO lenses are injection molded from the highest quality impact-resistant polycarbonate material that delivers zero visual distortion.


The extensive range of Lucid Goggle is designed with a rugged DYAD rigid outer frame that not only holds the lens in place but also creates the ultimate seal to deliver a powerful defense against flying debris and heavy roost. The outer frame on these goggles are double-injected into a soft inner frame that is meticulously crafted from their exclusive POLYFLEX face-forming material. This high-grade construction enables the inner frame to yield an absolute form for varying face shapes. This helps create the best seal and fit while eliminating virtually any pressure points.

Their exclusive Lucid Goggle collection features a detachable low-profile vented nose shield for extra protection. These ATV goggles are designed with the latest LUCID WAVELATCH – a new type of lens-locking system that keeps the XDO injected lens secure and sealed tight. The lucid wavelatch makes it convenient for you to quickly swap out the lens for another tinted lens. All you need to do is - slide your thumb. It is that quick and easy to perform.


The goggles are crafted with LUCID 20mm thick, 3D molded, multi-stage, face foam that offers an unparalleled fit for almost every face shape. The third layer of the foam is teamed up with their innovative moisture channel and is then molded into the goggle frame. This incredible construction prevents sweat from dripping or splashing onto your lens and ensures that you see every view. The unique FLOAIR moisture channel lets the sweat run down from the sides of the frame rather than into your eyes.

The Lucid Goggles from EKS Brand will help you experience the widest fields of view so you do not miss out on anything and enjoy your snowmobiling tour experience. The unique design also enables the goggle to utilize the world-class 45mm extra-tall roll-off system that will help you get absolutely clear vision even in the ugliest of weather conditions. These goggles incorporate the latest FORCEFIT outrigger design with a massive 45mm ultra-wide woven strap and silicone traction control.


The FORCEFIT straps on the biking goggles ensure proper tension for a comfortable and secure fit so you can enjoy an unmatched performance.

The EKS Lucid Goggles come in a variety of frame designs with bold colors and incredible graphics that will make you stand out. The rugged DYAD Frame will not only make you look incredible but will also offer a secure fit, regardless of the weather conditions and frigid temperatures. Utilize the quick-change Wavelatch lens locking system to change the lenses as per your liking.


You can easily change the lenses using the sliders given on each side. Start by putting your thumb at the bottom of the slider and give it a gentle push upwards to see the lens pop right out. You can put any tinted lens of your choice to match your style or neutralize and enhance your view. Visit us MX Powerplay Lay the lens flat on the frame and carefully push the slider down to fixate it properly in place.