The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Helmet

Your head is the command center that enables control, movement, and everything else you enjoy in life. Hence, protecting the health of your brain while enjoying adventurous dirt biking is essential. Besides, some states also require legal mandates to wear a helmet for dirt bike enthusiasts. Whether you are thrill-racing or going for off-road adventure sports, a protective bike helmet is the most important bike riding gear. Here we have some tips on how to choose your best dirt bike helmet.

Sturdy Outer Shell

Best Dirt Bike Helmet

It is helmet material that makes it exclusive apart from technology. Most Dirt Bike Helmets are made of polycarbonate, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. Some helmets are also made of tri-composites like Kevlar, fiberglass, and composite carbon fiber. High-end helmets like GMAX GM35 fully dressed helmets are made of lightweight, injection-molded polycarbonate shell that is clear coated with pain to prevent abrasion. You do not always have to make a hole in your pocket for buying the helmets with the best safety features. There are Dirt Bike Helmets that offer better protection at less price as well.

Damage Check

Any product can have a manufacturing defect. Even the slightest deviations in the design or fit can cause a great inconvenience to the rider. So, it is wise to minutely check for internal or external damages while buying protective bike helmets. It shields your head from a knock. The right way to check for damages is –

  • Inspect the outer shell
  • Look for wear and tear in the linings
  • Check the thickness and material of foam/padding
  • Find abnormalities like cracks or depressions
  • Check the retention system for a snug fit (it should sit exactly on your head and the eye-port should come squarely above your eyebrows)

Impact Resistance

The foremost task of a helmet is to offer to safeguard the head from impact shocks. Most dirt bike riding helmets are built to offer maximum angle to prevent any accident even if you fall while riding. The latest high-tech models feature Coolmax technology that keeps moving perspiration away, even when you are at the fullest speed.

Comfort Padding

dirt bike riding helmets

The new helmets not only feature comfort cushioning for impact absorption but also, adjustable padded chin straps. It ensures emergency cheek pad removal and helps in quickly getting rid of the helmet from the rider's head for emergency medical mobilization. Also, they allow the safest bottom and top removal of the helmet without causing further disturbance to the already affected head.

Shield Transparency

A helmet visor is very important in ensuring visibility while dirt biking. It is also responsible for managing the rotational motion during the time of tipsy-turvy movements on off-road trails. The latest helmet models like FXR Racing Clutch Evo Le Helmets are equipped with magnetic strength to such an extent that the shield can bear perch competition from different riders. Also, it is super easy to detach in case of accidents.

Lightweight Construction

SUOMY MX Speed Helmets

It is mainly construction material that decides the final weight of the riding helmets. Some latest dirt bike helmet models like SUOMY MX Speed Helmets come with tri-fiber composite construction. Due to their lightweight construction, they make you feel safe without causing heaviness. Their super light plush padding and lining ensure you don't feel tired when riding for a long duration. After all, weight matters! Another important thing to note is –the weight of the helmet should balance around the shoulders and the head.

Ventilation and Breathability

Driving for even five minutes without air can give you shudders! Hence, getting the best ventilated protective bike helmets is wise to keep you riding even during the hottest summer. Since dirt biking on unpaved, unusual tracks is itself fiery, choosing a designer helmet without properly ventilated eyelets can down your spirit of racing.

Secure Retention Fit

protective dirt bike helmet

Another important thing to check while buying ahelmet is how securely it fits onto your head shape. Pick a riding helmet that makes you feel comfortable even with movement. The one that does not squarely sit on your head can give you headaches while riding the dirt bike even for five minutes. So, imagine the inconvenience caused when you wear it for hours during your racing spree!

Innovative Technology

Did you know why motorcycle helmet manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet after recommended time? Simply because it becomes old and obsolete. Motocross and sports helmet technological designs, coming every day to the forefront, ensure advanced safety features and better protection. For example –the popular range of Fly Racing Youth Formula Carbon Axon Helmet is known for its innovative Adaptive Impact System (AIS). They have high-performance structural designs and are made of energy mitigating viscoelastic materials. They also exceed the ECE and DOT standards to give you the highest defense while biking.


In summary, it is important to choose the most comfortable helmets for your dirt biking adventure on windy countryside tracks.  A high-quality riding helmet ensures the best possible protection for your head while riding and also prevents untoward incidents.

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