4/115 Douglas Ultimate G3 Beadlock Wheel

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With the quality of Douglas and the security of a good beadlock, the G3 is a favorite of ATV riders on any terrain. The G3 is lighter than the original Ultimate wheel and retains the same strength thanks to the shot peened wheel ring and the .160/.190 thick material. The G3 looks great too with the deep drop center and durable powder coat finish. With these features, the Douglas Ultimate G3 Beadlock Wheel works well for riders looking to get the reliability of a beadlock with solid good looks.

  • Black Zinc Finish Hardware.-Wheel is constructed of .160/.190 Lighter than Original Ultimate wheel
  • Deep drop center Attached nut plate improvement
  • Improved fatigue resistance with its shot peened wheel ring Durable black powder coat wheel finish
  • Secure hub to wheel interface with its bare metal mounting surface
  • BEADLOCK TORQUE SPECS: 8"-12" wheels = 5.5-7.5 FOOT lbs./65-90 INCH lbs.