Where Are Tusk Tires Manufactured?

Tusk tires are a brand quickly gaining popularity in the off-road world. Tires are made by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, located in Utah. Tusk tires are known for their quality and durability, and they are quickly becoming a favorite among riders. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC began its existence as a modest endeavor. Dan Thomas, the company's founder and CEO, started it in 1985 after seeing a need for off-road vehicle wheels and tires. Dan was a skilled off-road racer who spent most weekends with his family at desert race events throughout his teenage years.

He has overseen the firm's growth by establishing a strong team around him to handle various elements of the business. Many of these staff members have been with the firm for years, nurturing and growing their departments to meet the demands of expansion. In 2021, that same crew assisted the firm switch to an ESOP (employee-owned company). Now, as owners, each employee participates in the company's success and development.

What Are Tusk Tires?

The Tusk brand is known for its quality and durability, and its tires are no exception. Tusk has a strong commitment to providing quality products at an affordable price. Tusk tires are available in a variety of sizes and tread patterns to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for an all-purpose tire or something more specialized, Tusk has you covered.

While Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is an American-based company, its Tusk tires are made in several different countries. That said, all Tusk tire models are of high quality that meets or exceeds the American safety standards.

Tusk Terrabite Tire

The Tusk Terrabite is a premium all-terrain tire ideal for use on your UTV or ATV. The truck tread design and high-quality rubber make it an outstanding multi-surface performer with a long life expectancy. The aggressive shoulder and side grooves provide shock protection and dirt, sand, and rock biting ability. The Terrabite is a complete package for off-road performance due to its smooth ride and exceptional off-road traction.

Tusk Aramid Terrabite

The Tusk Aramid Terrabite tire is the finest all-terrain tread for your UTV or ATV. The bead-to-bead Twaron Aramid belting improves traction and durability in the tread area while preventing sidewall tears. To be more specific, the synthetic Para-Aramid Fibers used in the tire's construction have some amazing features! Because of its strong strength and heat resistance, this high-performance Aramid fiber is used in bulletproof vests!

The truck tread pattern has a great multi-surface capability and long mileage. Dirt, sand, and rocks are protected with the aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread. This tire's proven Terrabite, bead to bead Aramid belting, and 10-ply rating make it a complete package for all-terrain performance and durability.

Tusk TriloBite HD

The Tusk TriloBite HD 8-Ply tire is a great choice for larger ATVs and UTVs. It has the same excellent tread pattern and performance as the TriloBite original but with a heavier duty carcass. This tire has a heavy-duty construction with bigger, stronger nylon fibers and a thicker sidewall for improved puncture resistance and durability. Thanks to its aggressive tread design, it's suited to desert, dirt, rock, mud, and snow driving.

Tusk Terraform

The Tusk Terraform ATV/UTV tire is an excellent all-terrain tire. The deep tread works well in mud and sand, while the innovative tread pattern and rubber compound provide excellent traction on harder surfaces while being very smooth. The tread angle and tire profile were created with a cornering feel and performance in mind. An aggressive shoulder design adds protection and grip while delivering an aggressive appearance to the tire.

Tusk Mud Force

The Tusk Mud Force tire is a fantastic multipurpose trail tire. This tire was created to have a good balance of open voids for excellent traction on softer surfaces and connected lug stability on harder surfaces. The primary tread pattern has been developed to provide consistent ground contact throughout the ride, ensuring a smooth experience. The shoulder tread design of this mud tire provides exceptional shoulder protection while also improving traction and appearance.

Tusk Sand Lite Tires

The Tusk Sand Lite tires were built to be light and float well for optimum performance on the sand. For excellent directional control, there's a center ribbed design on the front tires. The ideal combination of paddle count, paddle height, stabilizing ribs, lightweight, and flotation is found in the rear tires. The front and back work together to offer quick, accurate steering with a responsive and powerful hook-up and drive.

Tusk Recon Hybrid

The Tusk Recon Hybrid rear tire combines the advantages of a soft, sticky trials tire with an off-road/motocross tire for optimum performance on singletrack and technical enduro courses. The tire has a softer, gummy rubber compound that adheres to rocks and roots like a trials tire but with a motocross-inspired tread design for better performance in mud, sand, and aggressive cornering and braking. Another Hybrid characteristic is the carcass. It's significantly softer than a typical off-road/motocross tire but is more robust than a trials tire in terms of impact dampening, traction, and protection on difficult, technical ground.

Tusk Dsport Adventure

The Tusk Dsport Adventure motorcycle tire is the finest dual-purpose off-road tire available. The Dsport tire's aggressive tread pattern and proprietary rubber compound provide excellent performance in the most difficult off-road conditions while also delivering outstanding grip and long wear on the street. The deep 16mm tread depth on the rear and 11.5mm on the front offer performance and durability and give the tire a fierce appearance. It is compliant with D.O.T (Department of Transportation) for road or off-road use.


The Tusk brand is a subsidiary of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, and all Tusk tires are made in factories that meet our high-quality standards. We're proud to offer Tusk tires to our customers, and we know you'll be happy with their performance. Thanks for choosing Tusk!

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