The Ultimate Guide To Tusk Tires

When you're looking for a quality set of tires, Tusk should be one of the brands that come to mind. Tusk is an in-house Rocky Mountain ATV/MC brand, so you know that you're getting a good product. Tusk tires are some of the most popular on the market and for a good reason.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC began as a modest business. Dan Thomas, the firm's CEO and founder started it in 1985 after recognizing an unmet need for off-road vehicle wheels and tires. Dan was a seasoned off-road racer who spent most of his weekends with his family at desert race events throughout his teenage years.

He has managed the company's growth by developing a strong team around him to handle various aspects of the business. Many of these employees have years of experience with the firm, nurturing and growing their departments in order to meet the needs of expansion. In 2021, that same crew assisted the firm switch to an ESOP (employee-owned company). He now leads a group that includes each employee who participates in the company's success and progress as an owner.

In this guide, we will be talking about the various Tusk tires that are available in the market. We'll also discuss if they are any good and true to size.

What Are Tusk Tires?

Tusk mountain bike tires, like all Tusk products, are well regarded for their quality and durability. Tusk has a strong commitment to providing high-quality goods at an affordable price. All Tusk tire models are of excellent quality and comply with or exceed American safety norms. And although Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is based in the United States, its Tusk tires are produced in several countries worldwide. That said, Tusk tires are made to the same high standards as all Rocky Mountain ATV/MC products.

Are Tusk Tires Any Good?

Tusk prides itself in offering good quality products, and its tires are no exception. Tusk tires provide good value for the money and are some of the most popular on the market. The quality of a product is not only determined by how it's produced and what its intended use may be. It's also influenced by how well it works in practice. After putting them to the test, check out customer reviews to see what customers have to say. While no one can ever be completely pleased, if the bulk of client feedback is positive, you're probably dealing with a decent tire. Many Tusk tire models have excellent reviews and are very well-regarded by users.

What Are The Most Popular Tusk Tires?

Tusk provides a comprehensive selection of dirt bike, ATV, and UTV tires. These are made to work in a variety of terrains. We'll analyze some of the most popular Tusk tires here and see how they perform on various types of terrain.

Tusk Terrabite Tire

The Tusk Terrabite is a high-performance all-terrain tire intended for small vehicles such as UTVs and ATVs. Its truck-style tread construction and high-quality rubber have excellent multi-surface performance and a long life expectancy. The aggressive shoulder and side grooves provide shock protection and dirt, sand, and rock biting ability. Due to the smooth ride and great off-road traction, the Terrabite is a comprehensive package for off-road performance.

Tusk Aramid Terrabite

The Tusk Aramid Terrabite tire is the most versatile all-terrain tread for your UTV or ATV. The bead-to-bead Twaron Aramid belting in the tread area improves traction and durability while preventing sidewall tears. To be a bit more specific, the synthetic Para-Aramid Fibers used in the tire's construction have some amazing features! This high-performance Aramid fiber is utilized in bulletproof vests due to its tremendous strength and heat resistance!

The truck-style tread pattern is adaptable and has a long travel distance. The aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread protect dirt, sand, and stones from causing harm. This tire's Terrabite, bead-to-bead Aramid belting, and 10-ply hardness make it a complete package for all-terrain performance and durability.

Tusk TriloBite HD

The Tusk TriloBite HD 8-Ply tire is great for heavier ATVs and UTVs. It has the same outstanding tread design and performance as the TriloBite original but with a thicker carcass designed for greater puncture resistance and durability. Due to its strong tread pattern, it's ideal for desert, dirt, rock, mud, and snow driving.

Tusk Terraform

The Tusk Terraform ATV/UTV tire is a great all-terrain tire. The deep tread works well in mud and sand, while the innovative tread pattern and premium rubber compound provide excellent traction on hard surfaces while being very smooth. The tread angle and tire profile were developed with a cornering feel and performance in mind. An aggressive shoulder design adds protection and grip without hampering steering or appearance.

Tusk Mud Force

The Tusk Mud Force tire is a great all-around trail tire. This tire was created with a balance of open voids for excellent traction on softer surfaces and linked lug stability on hard surfaces. The primary tread pattern has been developed to provide consistent ground contact throughout the ride, ensuring a smooth experience. Excellent shoulder protection is provided by the shoulder tread design of this mud tire, which also improves traction and appearance.

Tusk Sand Lite Tires

The Tusk Sand Lite tires were designed to be light and float well to perform optimally on the sand. There is a central ribbed design on the front tires for better directional control. The rear tires have the ideal paddle count, paddle height, stabilizing ribs, weight, and flotation for optimal performance in difficult conditions. The front and back collaborate to give quick, accurate steering with a responsive and powerful hook-up and drive that works together as a team.

Tusk Recon Hybrid

The Tusk Recon Hybrid rear tire, which features the benefits of a soft, sticky trial tire as well as an off-road/motocross tire, delivers optimum performance on singletrack and technical enduro courses. The tires have a softer, gummy rubber compound that sticks to rocks and roots like a trials tire but has a motocross-inspired tread pattern for better grip in mud, sand, and aggressive cornering and braking. The carcass is another feature of this tire. It's considerably softer than a normal off-road/motocross tire, although it's more resilient than a trials tire in terms of impact dampening, traction, and protection on difficult, technical terrain.

Tusk Dsport Adventure

The Tusk Dsport Adventure motorcycle tire is the best dual-purpose off-road tire on the market. The aggressive tread pattern and unique rubber compound of the Dsport tire produce excellent performance in challenging off-road conditions while also providing strong grip and long wear on the street. The deep 16mm tread depth on the rear and 11.5mm thickness on the front offer performance and durability and give this tire a threatening appearance. It is compliant with D.O.T (Department of Transportation) for both road and off-road use.

Are Tusk Tires True To Size?

If you're unsure what size tires your ATV or UTV needs, verify the specs with your manufacturer's literature. The bigger the contact patch, the greater the grip on a tire. Tire width is measured in inches, with four to twelve being the most common sizes. The height of an ATV tire, also known as aspect ratio, is defined as a percentage of its width.

That said, Tusk tires are true to size. You will, however, need to make sure that you use fitment data in the form of year/make/model to ensure that the tire size you choose will fit your vehicle. There is also some special attention that needs to be paid to the air pressure.

Why Air Pressure is Important in Tire Size

The air pressure in your tires affects the size of the contact patch of the wheel with the road. The larger the contact patch, the more traction your tire will have. Too much air pressure might cause the contact patch to be too small and cause the tire to skid. In most situations, yes, Tusk tires retain their form when inflated. However, they may change shape depending on how much or little air you add to them.

Knowing how to check tire pressure is critical for your and your family's safety on the road. It's vital to know what tire pressure is appropriate for your automobile since keeping them in good working order is so important to your safety and the vehicle's overall performance. The air pressure in a car's tires, usually expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI), ranges from 30 to 35 PSI.

Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

It's critical to check your tire pressure regularly and make any necessary adjustments. A digital tire gauge is the most effective method for doing this. Before every ride, you should inspect your tires, and more so if you ride in wet or sandy conditions. When the temperature drops below or rises above normal, you should check your tire pressure. Tires lose air pressure when it's cold and acquire air pressure when it's hot.

Tire pressure monitoring systems are the most precise technique to check and maintain correct tire pressure. Tusk tires are true to size, but you should still verify the pressure before each ride. You may change your tire's air pressure by adding or removing air from the valve stem. Your tires will last a long time if you take good care of them!


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