What Is The Best All-Around UTV Tire?

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. UTVs are basically off-road vehicles equipped with four or six seats, a roll cage, and steering wheels instead of handlebars. UTVs have become popular because they offer a fun and unique way to explore the great outdoors.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a UTV is what type of tire you will need. UTVs can be used for a variety of different activities, so it's important to choose a tire that will be able to handle the type of terrain you'll be riding on.

If you're looking for a UTV tire that can handle any terrain, you need to check out the best all-purpose UTV tires on the market. These tires are designed to handle a variety of terrains, including mud, sand, and gravel. They also have key features that will make your ride more comfortable and safe. So, if you're looking for the ultimate UTV tire, then be sure to read on!

Key Features Needed In Every UTV Tire

No matter what type of UTV tire you're looking for, there are a few key features that you'll need to consider. These will include the following:

  • Size: UTV tires come in a variety of different sizes. You'll need to consider the size of your UTV and the type of terrain you'll be riding on when choosing a tire size. The tire size has a big impact on UTV performance. If you don't have the correct-sized tire, it may affect your traction, ground clearance, speed, and center of gravity. Also, make sure the tire's dimensions are suitable for your specific UTV and that the wheel's bolt pattern and offset are correct.
  • Tread Pattern: The tread pattern on your UTV tires will play a big role in how well they perform. If you're looking for a tire that can handle any terrain, then you'll want to choose a tire with an aggressive tread pattern. This will ensure that you have good traction, no matter what type of terrain you're riding on. Tread width varies considerably, with some treads having wide gaps between the grooves so that the wheels may travel over rocks, hard dirt, and gravel more easily. Other treads are made to go faster and produce less road noise but not as much traction in mud, snow, sand, or soft earth.
  • Lugs (Tread Depth): For turf and general use, you'll want tread depths of less than one inch. The ideal UTV snow tires have treads that are between one and 1.5 inches deep. You can drive a UTV in soft soil conditions if the tread is more than 1.5 inches deep. Keep in mind that if you pick tires with big lugs, you might damage the turf and wear the tires down much faster.
  • Rolling Resistance: The tread design and tire weight, height, and width all have an impact on rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is significant since it dictates top speeds and acceleration. Because of friction and drag, narrower tires roll easier than wider ones. Choose lighter weights and smaller tires if you want to go faster with your UTV.
  • Load-Carrying Capacity: Check the maximum load-carrying capacity of your UTV before making a purchase. Either read the owner's manual, check out the specifications online, or check with a dealer. For example, if the load-carrying capacity is 1,000 pounds, buy tires that match or exceed this amount for the best results.
  • Construction: Bias and radial construction are the best UTV tire options for trail and mud. Bias tires have a performance advantage on steeper climbs and rough ground. Radial tires, on the other hand, ride smoother on flat and paved roads. If properly maintained, radial tires have a longer life expectancy than bias tires. However, they are more expensive to replace and more difficult to repair than bias tires.

Bias or Radial UTV Tire Construction

Whether you go with a bias or radial ply structured tire is determined by a few things, notably where and how you intend to use your tires.

Radial tires are a good choice if you need tires that handle high speeds, provide greater structural flexibility, and minimize road disruptions. These tires absorb the driving force and resist structure pressure build-up owing to their tread area, allowing them to be used more effectively on the road. For highway usage, most radial tires are DOT certified, although they tend to be costlier.

On the other hand, if your vehicle has a slow performance and a high load endurance, bias tires might be a better option. Bias-ply tires were previously used on all prior ATVs and UTVs because they do not flex, resulting in more traction and forward movement.

What Are The Best All-Around UTV Tires?

The best UTV tires are those that have been designed to handle a variety of different terrain types. Some of the most popular all-purpose UTV tires include the following:

TUSK Terrabite Radial Tire

The Tusk Terrabite is an excellent UTV or ATV all-terrain tire. The truck-style tread design and high-quality rubber compound provide excellent multi-surface performance and long mileage wear. In the dirt, sand, and rocky terrain, the robust shoulder and sidewall treads provide protection and bite. The Terrabite is a complete package of all-terrain performance thanks to its smooth ride and good off-road traction.

  • Radial, 8 Ply Rated Construction.
  • A truck-style tread for a smooth ride on hard surfaces.
  • Excellent off-road performance.
  • High load ratings.
  • Tread depth: 3/4 inch.
  • Medium/Hard terrain tire.

TUSK Aramid Terrabite 10-Ply Tire

Like the classic Terrabite tire mentioned above, the Aramid Terrabite is also the finest all-terrain tire for your UTV or ATV. The bead-to-bead Twaron Aramid belting provides this race-tested tire superior protection from sidewall tears while also improving treadwear. The synthetic Para-Aramid Fibers used in the tire's construction have some amazing features!

The high-performance Aramid's extreme strength and heat tolerance set it apart from the competition. Aramid fibers and technology are used in bulletproof vests! The truck tread pattern, which includes aggressive shoulder and side treads, gives an excellent multi-surface performance as well as long mileage. In dirt, sand, or rocks, the combination of the tried Terrabite technology, bead-to-bead Aramid belting, and a 10-ply rating creates a complete package for all-terrain performance and durability.

  • Bead-to-bead Twaron® Aramid plies for ultimate durability.
  • Radial, 10 Ply Rated Construction.
  • Truck-style tread for a smooth ride on hard surfaces.
  • Excellent off-road and on-road performance.
  • High load ratings for today's larger machines.
  • Tread depth: 3/4 inch.


If we were to choose between the two tire types mentioned above, we would have to go with the slightly more expensive TUSK Aramid Terrabite. While the original Terrabite performs very well on all terrain types, the Aramid Terrabite takes it up a notch with its bead-to-bead Twaron Aramid belting. This makes the tire extremely durable and capable of withstanding even the roughest terrain for longer. If you are looking for an all-purpose UTV tire that can go anywhere and do anything, the TUSK Aramid Terrabite is the tire for you.