Do you want to step up your game and enter the adrenaline-pumping world of Powersports, like dirt biking and ATV riding? Before you step into this new experience, bear in mind that Powersports rides carry a much higher risk of motorcycle accidents and severe injuries. A statistics report shows that bikers are 27 times more likely to be involved in severe accidents than any other participants in traffic. The same report further states that the absence of proper motorcycle gear and protective equipment was one of the main reasons for fatal outcomes of motorcycle accidents.

We believe that these are rock-solid arguments to invest some money in high-class motorcycle safety gear and wear it every time you go on an off-road ride. The primary purpose of protective moto gear is to protect yourself from severe injuries caused by falls or accidents. Let’s see first which common injuries among motorcyclists you can avoid by wearing protective riding wear and additional safety gear:

  • Road rash

This is the most common injury for knees, elbows, and knuckles because these body parts come into contact with the ground most frequently. When this happens, the ground scrapes off some of your skin, leaving ugly and painful lacerations.

  • Brain injuries

Unfortunately, the head and chest suffer fatal injuries the most during motorcycle accidents. Brain injuries are among the most critical, leaving riders with severe, lasting consequences. A report stated that 57% of victims in motorcycle accidents weren’t wearing a helmet. This astounding number proves that motorcycle helmets can save lives.

  • Leg injuries

Almost 30% of motorcycle injuries affect lower parts of the body. Thus, it is essential that riders wear reliable motorcycle boots that provide additional protection to the feet and legs.

  • Chest injuries

We have already mentioned that the head and chest suffer the most in a bike accident. Research showed that one in seven motorcycle injuries affects the chest. These injuries may cause fatal outcomes because ribs can break and puncture lungs, causing them to collapse. For this reason, you should invest in buying body armor that will ensure impact absorption and protect your chest.

If you don’t want to become a part of these ominous statistics, you should set a budget for obtaining protective gear and clothing to enjoy safe and responsible Powersports riding.

Here are the essential items of protective riding gear every off-road rider should buy.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of wearing safety equipment like a helmet during an off-road motorcycle ride. This protective riding gear item is a true lifesaver.

Here are some tips that may be useful to you when choosing the perfect helmet for your riding adventure:

  • DOT-certified – First, make sure that your helmet is DOT-certified. The DOT is the administrative body responsible for setting safety standards and ratings for riding equipment in America, and their certification is a seal of approval for motorcycle helmets.
  • Well-constructed – Also, top-quality helmets are much lighter than others, well-constructed with enhanced aerodynamics, and they are more durable. There are three types of riding helmets, but if you want the highest level of protection for your face and head, you should opt for a full-face helmet. This helmet covers your head, neck, face, and chin completely, preventing severe injuries. Quality Powersports helmets have a larger peak visor that provides the face and eyes protection from injuries, wind, and dust. 
  • Impact-absorbing – Make sure that your helmet has an integrated impact-absorbing liner that will prevent fatal consequences in the case of a bike accident. You should also look for the enforced neck protection to keep you safe from neck injuries.

Motorcycle Jackets and Pants

There’s more to motorcycle clothing than looking cool in leather jackets and perforated leather suits. Riding jackets and pants are an essential part of riding garments that will provide motorcycle travel safety and comfort, whatever terrain or weather conditions you plan to ride in.

When choosing a riding jacket and pants, make sure that they cover your wrists, ankles, and your entire back in a riding position. These should also fit snugly to your body without limiting your movements because comfort plays a vital role in adventure riding.

High-class motorcycle jackets and pants should have built-in, enforced parts for elbows, knees, and thighs that provide abrasion resistance crucial in preventing ghastly road rash injuries.

Leather riding jackets will be a perfect choice when it comes to safety and protection due to the thickness and durability of the material. However, leather will not fully protect you from rain, so if you want the highest waterproofing level, you may opt for synthetic materials. Visibility on the road is a crucial factor for keeping you safe during an adventure ride. Therefore, you should buy riding jackets and pants in bright colors or with retro-reflective parts on them.

If you don’t want to bother with buying separate protective riding gear items, you should look for a one-piece race suit. It also fully protects your body during a ride and provides better waterproofing than jackets and pants.


We have already pointed out how endangered the lower part of the body is during motorcycle accidents. Therefore, high-quality motorcycle boots play a crucial role in preventing severe feet or ankle injuries. Always opt for boots that cover your ankle, containing stout support and protection for the ankle, shin, and toe. These body parts endure massive strain during the ride and can be crushed in an accident, especially if your leg gets stuck under the bike.  Also, make sure that your riding boots have oil-resistant soles to prevent slipping on the oil that may leak after the crash.

Body Armor

Motorcycle armor is an essential protective riding gear item that may come as a separate item that you put over your riding jacket and pants to ensure the highest level of protection and safety. Or it can be integrated into your riding jacket or pants to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body. Thus, an armored jacket will have a reinforced back, shoulder, and elbows, while armored riding pants will contain reinforcements in the hips, pelvis, and knees.

You can opt for an armored vest as a separate riding gear item that will cover your chest and back, giving them ultimate protection. Most of these have a hard, abrasion-resistant surface made of carbon fiber Kevlar panels, accompanied by a high-density, foam-padded inside layer. This combination of materials will provide you with excellent abrasion and impact protection and get you out of a motorcycle accident without a scratch.

Always look for the CE rating when buying body armor; this will mean that this riding gear meets set safety standards. CE stands for the European set of safety standards, and the United States have accepted this rating as guidelines for setting riding gear standards. This said, you might be required to wear CE-rated protective gear on closed race tracks.


Many motorcycle riders neglect gloves when buying riding gear, focusing on helmets or other protective clothing pieces they find much more substantial for their protection and safety. We will prove them all wrong by pointing out the importance of wearing high-class riding gloves. People usually put their hands forward to break the fall, exposing them to severe injuries.

Your knuckles suffer the most in these situations, and wearing gloves with enhanced knuckle protection is the only way to keep them safe. Bear in mind that there are different types of gloves on the market, so choose the ones that best fit your riding style.

A full race glove is light and provides high-level knuckle and wrist protection. However, if you are on a budget, the touring glove may be the perfect fit for you because it also offers excellent protection and can adjust to various weather conditions. Whatever type of riding bikes you choose, make sure that it fits snuggly to your hand and doesn’t impair your movements.

Final Words

Let’s point out, in the end, that we are fervent fans of the riding motto All the Gear, All the Time, and as such, our mission is to turn you into a fan as well. We believe we have achieved our goal, focusing on the importance of wearing protective gear to prevent severe injuries. So whether you’re riding an ATV, your motorcycle, or a dirt bike on rough terrain for fun or competition, stay protected and safe on your Powersports adventures by wearing appropriate riding gear.