How to Choose Best Luggage Setup for Your Dirt Bike

The modern lifestyle has been shrinking as technology has been constantly improving and devoted to making life easier. The desire to go out and get soaked & basked in the sun, drive on less-traveled roads, and hike along gravel roads in the mountains is waning as a result of the ease with which resources are now readily available and basic necessities can be delivered right to our doorway. As bygone men believed, the easiest road to discover the self is always beyond the walls of your home, where the wind battles your momentum, the sun pulls the water off your body, and the gravel walk is waiting to knock you off your feet.

For those ready for such adventure, a dirt bike is a perfect companion, to travel long distances on the road you never traveled. When you are traveling for such a long distance, carrying the right luggage becomes extremely important. MX PowerPlay offers a wide range of luggage accessories such as dirt bike duffle bags, hard & soft panniers, dirt bike luggage racks, etc.

Here is how you can choose the right luggage accessories for your dirt bike for the journey.

Why Are Luggage Equipment Necessary

You'll virtually always need to bring a few things with you, whether you're riding a motorcycle to work or taking a trip. Some of these, such as an inflation pump or paperwork, are necessary for the bike itself, whilst other items can be required depending on where you're traveling. It is crucial to have motorcycle bags since they facilitate smooth and pleasant bike travel. Apart from providing ample space for essentials these luggage options also provide safe and secure storage.

If you are planning on a trip, hard & soft pannier bags, duffle bags, luggage racks, bottle holders, etc. are a few of the most important luggage accessories that you should include in your shopping list to ease your adventure.

Soft Pannier Dirt Bike Bags

Soft Pannier Dirt Bike Bags
Soft panniers are just perfect if you are thinking of traveling off-road. Apart from being easy to use, having multiple pockets, and removable straps, these soft dirt bike bags are cost-effective and can also be used without racks. However, when you are traveling, the security of your gear is very important and this soft pannier dirt bike bag is not a good option. Here are some high-quality soft pannier bags of MX PowerPlay;

Hard Pannier Dirt Bike Bags

Hard panniers are extremely secure, waterproof, and dustproof. Being dustproof also means that all the gears stored inside remain clean and ready to use all the time. Almost all hard panniers have a box shape so they can also be used as a table or stool anywhere you want.

Tusk Aluminum Pannier

The Tusk Aluminum Pannier Boxes are created and developed to withstand the most challenging motorcycle adventures. These panniers are made of strong, lightweight aluminum that has been toughly powder-coated in either silver or black. In addition to looking wonderful, they shield your stored belongings from the black residue that is created when unfinished aluminum is rubbed against them.

Duffle Bags

Dirt bike duffle bags are 100% waterproof and are constructed with high-quality PVC material. Duffle bags are the best option for packing your camping kit. Most duffle bags have compression straps around them to easily shrink the size of the bag exponentially.

Tusk Dry Duffel Bag

Your stuff will stay dry and safe within the Tusk Dry Duffel, which is comprised of heavy-duty PVC material with high-frequency welded seams. Given its high quality, PVC does not harden or become more challenging to deal with during cooler months or early-morning rides.

Luggage Racks

Luggage racks for dirt bikes are particularly a must-have if you have chosen the hard pannier bag for your journey. Racks for soft pannier bags are instrumental in keeping the pannier leaning or accidentally swinging against the rear wheel of the bike which can be extremely dangerous on the road.

Tusk Utility Top Rack

The TW200's Tusk Top Rack is the ideal addition for your upcoming motorbike excursion. The Top Rack is constructed of 1/8" laser-cut steel with carefully bent, completely welded corners and support tabs on the underside for further sturdiness.

Tusk Top Rack

Almost any tiny load can be secured using the numerous mounting points and strap slots found on Tusk Top Racks. Depending on the purpose, support brackets are laser cut of either aluminum or steel. Powder-coating is used to make the cargo plate and any reinforcement bracketry durable and attractive.

Tips To Choose Your Luggage

  • Before you try buying the best dirt bike luggage accessories it is important to keep in mind that nothing beats safety and comfort when you are on the road. Always choose bags, racks, and other luggage options that suit your bike.
  • Hard panniers are always a good decision for the road in terms of safety and comfort. Although, dirt bike racks are optional for soft pannier dirt bike bags when the usage for the bags and space open up.
  • The performance and handling of your bike will be impacted by any additional weight. The necessity to carefully examine weight distribution increases as you load up. Use tank bags or hard top boxes if you want to add additional storage space for your journey
  • Remember to keep a modest weight of your luggage when packing, since it can become a hurdle in your journey.
  • Proper weight distribution and placement are also highly important for the balance of riding. Your center of gravity will increase if you carry weight up high, which will alter how your bike moves. Instead of packing heavy stuff in a top bag on the tail rack, place them down in your panniers like tools, spare parts, cooking equipment, etc. Light items like clothing or extra clothing can be carried up high.

For most bikers, the best luggage combination has always been soft panniers, and the hard top box. Choosing the best luggage is easy, if you know the difference between must-have and nice-to-have.