Tusk First Line Air Filter -Fits: Yamaha YZ125 1989-2017


Tusk First Line Air Filter -Fits: Yamaha YZ125 1989-2017

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Tusk First Line Air Filters make great replacement filters for your OEM air filters. High-performance filtration and flow is achieved by using high-quality, 2-stage, polyurethane open-cell foam technology that features a “three-dimensional” cell structure for uniform porosity. Dual stage filtration with 45/65 PPI (pores per inch) means the outer foam layer has larger pores to maximize surface area to prevent dust from clogging the filter, while the inner layerÆs smaller pores maximize filtration so particles canÆt get through. Bottom line, these air filters provide superior filtration while maintaining maximum airflow! Each filter features a thick, flat, sealing foam ring to seal tightly to the air box. Think Tusk for all of your motorcycle, ATV, and UTV performance needs!


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