TORC1 Racing Defy Lock On Kev-Tec MX Grips

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Product Information

  • Simple installation and removal without waiting for glue to dry.
  • OEM spec throttle tube included with 22 point adjustment to put the waffle pattern right where you need it.
  • 6 snap on multi adjust throttle cams included.
  • No need to purchase any throttle cams separately.
  • CNC machined aluminum locking collar with torx T20 stainless bolt helps resist stripping and corrosion.
  • Tapered waffle pattern helps contour to your hand and provides thumb relief.
  • Knockout ends easily to accommodate wrap around handguards.
  • Exclusive KEV.
  • TEC ballistic rubber technology.
  • KEV.
  • TEC ballistic technology reduces wear and tear and provides longer grip life while maintaining a soft gel like compound.
  • Super soft & tacky compound helps reduce blisters and provides superior glove traction.
  • Grip donut groove helps keep grip donut flat and in place if needed.
  • 100% slip free performance guaranteed.