LegUp Motorcycle Jack Stand

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Product Information

The LegUp jack stand is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. It extends from 11 inches to 19 inches, so it fits in most backpacks and saddlebags. It is adjustable with double push button pins and a series of holes spaced at 1 inch increments. It is made from nested 6063 aluminum tubes for strength, low weight, and corrosion resistance. The "saddle" at the top is made of steel for added durability.

Easy to use. The jack stand works with most off-road and dual sport motorcycles. It is ideal for adventure touring and off-road motorcycles. It works in conjunction with the motorcycle kick stand to form a three point support. It is convenient to carry along while riding and it's also useful around the garage. It is possible to lift the front or rear tire by placing the stand farther forward or more to the rear of the bike. It can be used to assist in oiling, adjusting chains, and fixing flats. If you want to raise the rear tire, lock the front brake with an elastic cord to keep pressure on the brake lever. If you want to raise the front tire, put the bike in low gear. This will make the bike more stable and less likely to move.

CAUTION: Be very careful while using the jack stand. While the three point support should be reasonably stable, the bike may fall if too much force is applied to the bike. Place the stand where it will not slip off the bike and will not slip or move on the ground. If you are removing a tire or adjusting a chain, loosen all necessary nuts and bolts before putting the bike on the jack stand. Do not position yourself or anyone else where they could be injured if the bike falls or moves. Do not jostle or be rough with the bike while it is on the stand. Do not use the stand to support the bike for extended periods of time. Do not lift the bike any higher than necessary.