Boyesen Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kit

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Overheating, cavitation, and poor coolant circulation can mean excessive wear and damage to components. Use the Boyesen Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kit and you’ll get superior cooling that keeps your bike running at its best.

By increasing the coolant passage size, creating a high-flow impeller, and smoothing all interior surfaces to reduce friction, the Supercooler pumps out more coolant at a faster rate than your stock water pump. The Boyesen cover looks great but it keeps things simple too since it has the same footprint as your stock unit. No need for any special gaskets or fitment. Just bolt the Supercooler up like it’s stock.

With high-revving, hard-working dirt bike and ATV engines, temperature management is key to keeping your machine running well. Make sure you have the parts to keep it that way with the Boyesen Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kit.

  • High efficiency water pump and cover for increased engine cooling
  • Investment cast from aluminum alloy for lightweight strength
  • Same footprint as stock parts for bolt-on installation without special gaskets or fitment
  • High-flow impeller moves more coolant than stock parts
  • Less cavitation on impeller means better efficiency and longer impeller shaft life
  • Higher flow rate with larger diameter passages and low-friction internal surfaces