Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover

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Fine tune the response of your carburetor with the Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover. You’ll get quick and easy tunability that will change the way you ride.

If your machine stumbles when you get on the throttle, the Boyesen Quickshot 3 may be your answer to finding that perfect mixture of fuel and air. With an easy bolt-on install, precision casting, and simple control of the tunable leak jet circuit, the Quickshot 3 maximizes fuel volume and duration while throttling up. Letting you pull ahead with smooth acceleration and faster throttle response. So when you’re engine bogs during acceleration, don’t get left scratching your head, get the solution with the Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover.

  • Tunable leak jet circuit for your carburetor
  • Maximizes volume of fuel and duration of fuel spray for any condition
  • Investment cast and finished to precise tolerances
  • High volume vertical check valve located in the QS3 for precise, consistent fuel metering
  • Stops hesitation and bog
  • Instant throttle response
  • Improved low end performance
  • Simple bolt-on installation replaces the stock cover