Big Gun Rev Limiter Box

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Product Information

The Big Gun Rev Limiter Box is an aftermarket CDI designed to squeeze out all your machine’s extra power and increase your overall horsepower and torque output through the entire rpm range . It does this in two ways. First, the Big Gun will increase your rev limit by about 1,000 rpms. Second, the box comes preloaded with a remapped ignition timing curve to take full advantage of your machine’s potential. Doing this lets the Rev Limiter Box pump up the performance of your machine in a configuration that is a direct plug in replacement of your CDI.

Get the Big Gun Rev Limiter Box when you want a simple way to boost your machine’s performance without wasting your time or emptying your wallet.

  • Remapped CDI replacement
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Direct replacement for your stock CDI
  • increase your rev limit by 1,000 rpm
  • Comes loaded with a more aggressive advance timing curve compared to stock
  • Eliminates frustration of restrictive stock ignition cutting out
  • NOTE: No returns on CDI boxes
  • NOTE: Battery must be in full charge condition or machine will have starting problems with this box installed.