Enduro Engineering Lower Left Fork Leg Guard

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Product Information

Enduro Engineering is all about protecting your motorcycle, even the parts you may forget about, which is why they’ve made their Lower Left Fork Leg Guard. If you decide not to run a front disc guard or have a guard that only covers the caliper, which can leave the fork leg open to damage. And that’s a much more expensive component than a brake rotor.

But, Enduro Engineering created this guard so you don’t have to sacrifice that protection. EE makes the billet piece with CNC precision machine from aluminum alloy so it has both strength and a light weight. And they mount the guard using the axle for rigidity and a brake carrier bolt so it won’t rotate out of position.

It seems simple but Enduro Engineering does it right by making the guard high quality, as light as possible, and basically indestructible. They even include a through hole used for adjusting your rebound clicker, and the long er than stock bolt you’ll need for mounting.

  • Protects lower fork leg
  • Can work with disc guards that don’t cover fork bottom (depending on mounting)
  • Billet aluminum alloy construction
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Bare machined finish
  • Hole on bottom allows clicker adjustment
  • Lightweight and incredibly strong