EBC Oversized Contour Brake Rotor, Front

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Product Information

With 280 millimeters of full floating braking superiority at your fingertips, the Oversized Contour Rotor is a brake rotor that delivers extreme braking power and excellent feel in your levers without you having to grab an entire handful of brake. The contoured, lightweight profile of the Contour is made from German mill rolled steel that deals with heat and deformation incredibly well. The outer disc is held to the inner carrier using stainless steel drive buttons for a true full floating design. This gives the Contour an excellent contact patch with your pads which gives you great response and consistent braking no matter how hard or soft you are on the lever. The Contour rotor bolts up in place of your old piece, just like stock, and an aluminum relocation bracket is included so your caliper can compensate for the larger rotor.

All said and done, the Oversized Contour gives you 30% more braking power. If that sounds good, put one on your bike and feel the difference for yourself.

  • Rotor uses same mounting holes as your stock rotor
  • Uses your stock caliper
  • Includes relocation bracket for caliper to adjust for larger rotor
  • Full floating on stainless steel drive buttons
  • Made from German mill rolled stainless steel
  • 30% better braking and feedback over stock
  • 280mm diameter for more braking surface
  • Contoured weight profile cuts weight, self-cleans, and sheds heat
  • Style of rotor may differ from what is pictured