Duraclutch Clutch Kit

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Product Information

Continuous belt engagement with a new Duraclutch primary and secondary results in no more belt burning and longer belt life!

  • Two internal clutch packs in the Primary, one in the movable sheave and one in the stationary sheave engage at low RM. These centrifugal clutch packs transmit more torque at startup than sheaves engaging on a belt/sheave interface. When fully engaged they lock to the drums with no efficiency or performance loss. There is no belt burning when starting on a hill, pulling heavy loads or inadvertently running in HI gear instead of LO.
  • The Duraclutch is a complete Primary and Secondary, tuned for a specific Polaris vehicle and includes a new belt.
  • The Duraclutch will provide equal or better acceleration and speed compared to factory stock clutching. This clutch is tuned primarily for trail riding and fuel economy.
  • Smooth engagement: Start-up is extremely smooth with no jerking or hesitation.
  • Positive engine braking: Superior in all conditions for downhill control. Seamless downhill engine braking transitions. Special backdrive cam profiles are developed to optimize engine braking characteristics.
  • Improved belt life: This benefit is so effective SVI will warranty the belt for 5,000 miles or 1 year whichever is less.