Axia Alloys Profile Cage Clamps

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Product Information

Profile cage clamps that fit Pro-Fit cages.

Because these can not pivot on a round cage Axia has both inward facing clamps and outward facing. Both of these clamp options can be used at two different angles by flipping the clamp over. (For example a OUT clamp can mount both an A-pillar light mount facing forward on the outside of the A-Pillar as well as off to the side of the A-Pillar to mount a side mirror)

THESE PROFILE CLAMPS WILL MOUNT UNDER ALL FACTORY WINDSHIELDS. They will also work with many full cab enclosures but some accessories may interfere with the opening and closing of doors.

  • Outward facing (for example these would mount a side mirror, A pillar light mount, fire extinguisher, etc)
  • Inward facing (for example these would mount a speaker, grab handle, or light mounts that would hang down from the rear of the cage)