4Arm-Strong Self Therapy Device

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Product Information

On extended trips and aggressive rides arm pump (a tightening of the forearm muscles resulting in restricted blood flow) can be a serious problem that causes discomfort and a loss of hand control. The 4Arm Strong Self Therapy Device is a tool that directly combats arm pump, stretching and training your forearm muscles to better handle the strain of riding and eliminate arm pump.

Designed by former pro motocrosser Lee Ramage, the 4Arm Strong Self Therapy Device works by attaching to your forearm and applying pressure to key muscle groups. With the 4Arm Strong in place, your typical forearm stretches become much more effective, expanding the underlying muscle fascia and physically lengthening the forearm muscles. This deep, precision stretch of the 4Arm Strong results in a greater grip strength, increased flexibility, and most importantly zero arm pump.

With quality materials, multiple sizes, and a fully adjustable range of pressure the 4Arm Strong Self Therapy Device is a great solution to the arm pump problem. It can also help relieve problems associated with golfers elbow and tennis elbow. Watch our 4Arm Strong video for usage instructions and more information.

  • Reduces arm pump discomfort, lack of circulation, and loss of control
  • Can increase grip strength and promote flexibility
  • Improves effectiveness of forearm stretches
  • Lengthens muscle and muscle fascia in anterior and posterior forearm
  • Large range of pressure adjustability
  • Used pro and amateur riders alike