Acerbis Chain Guide and Slider Kit 2.0

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Product Information

Acerbis' Chain Guide and Slider Kit makes it easy for you to replace two of the highest wearing areas on your bike all in one go.

These kits include a chain slider and chain guide 2.0 both built with the same exceptional quality you find in all of Acerbis' products. Both pieces are constructed from Acerbis' super durable polyurethane plastic that is shock and friction resistant to give your chain and swingarm outstanding protection. Each piece exceeds the life and protection of OEM parts, but fits your bike like it's from the factory. The slider is Acerbis' split design that easily slides around the swingarm without removal of the chain or tire, and the guide is an open design that bolts directly up to the stock mounts. These considerations by Acerbis make installing both the slider and guide an incredibly easy task you can complete without removing anything.

  • Material resists both shock and wear
  • Several colors available
  • Includes both chain guide and chain slider
  • Fits with stock hardware and mounting points
  • No chain removal during installation
  • Both pieces made from durable polyurethane plastic-Exceeds OEM standards