100% Racecraft Goggle

Your Fitment

Product Information

100% has filled their Racecraft Goggles with features that create an ideal synthesis of performance and comfort that ends up greatly increasing your vision as you ride. Features like the outriggers that give you the perfect fit, the removable nose guard for more protection, and triple layer foam that reduces pressure points and manages moisture. That’s not all you get to manage moisture either. Multiple air intakes use patent pending technology to channel air through the goggle’s foam and carry out moisture. And if you ride especially hard, the mirrored Lexan lens comes coated with an anti-fog treatment, giving you one final measure to make sure your vision stays crystal clear.

  • Outriggers help fit and balance
  • Removable nose guard
  • Triple layer foam provides comfort while wicking moisture away
  • Lexan lens provides clear vision with anti-fog coating
  • 45mm strap with silicone coating to prevent slippage
  • Co-molding allows add-ons while still retaining the performance and styling of 100%
  • Air intakes channel in air through foam to cool rider and manage moisture
  • Models with mirrored lens come with additional clear lens
  • Goggles come with removable nose guard and 10 standard tear-offs
  • Wide variety of colors available