4/156_XP1000 Tusk Teton Beadlock Wheel

Your Fitment

Product Information

  • 1200 lb load rating for durability.
  • Screw on center cap included.
  • Oversize lug holes fit common 17mm sockets.
  • The 6+1 offset keeps your machine close to stock width and is especially helpful when staying within trail width restrictions
  • The 6+1 off set also minimizes wheel scrub and keeps your wheel close to the same location as the vehicle was designed for.
  • Unless replacing this exact wheel you must purchase two for proper fitment.
  • Wheel uses tapered lug nuts for 10mm and 3/8" applicationsfor 12mm applications use tapered spline lug nuts.
  • Rugged Beadlock design.
  • Cast Aluminum wheel with a forged aluminum beadlock ring for light weight and maximum strength.
  • Bigger and stronger 5/16" Grade 8 Zinc plated beadlock bolts.