Devol Extreme Radiator Guards

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The Devol Extreme Radiator Guards focus on giving full front and side coverage to your radiators, providing excellent impact protection that won't mess with your bike's cooling. Devol makes their guards from lightweight aluminum to absorb large amounts damage without adding excess weight or additional size. Meaning the riding characteristics of your bike won't change and you won't have to alter your riding positioning. Other guards mount directly to the radiators themselves, but Devol has designed their Extreme Guards to mount to the frame, encapsulating the radiators and directing energy around them instead of through them. This wrap-around design not only better protects your rads, but means you don't have to take them off to install the Extreme guards.

When you want extra protection for your radiators, keep things simples. Get Devol's Extreme Radiator Guards and ride knowing your radiators are in good hands.

  • Front and side impact protection
  • High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Does not affect cooling capability
  • Guards mount directly to frame
  • Installs without removing radiators
  • Made in USA