Tusk TriloBite® Tire

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Product Information

  • 6.
  • ply rating for optimum puncture resistance.
  • Please note: Tire sizes vary by machine please check your current tire and wheel size before ordering.
  • in" period of 100 miles to get the feel of new tires. Always match the front and rear tires for optimal handling, safety and performance. Mixing radials with bias may adversely affect handling and stability. Worn/unworn tire combinations and worn tires used in wet conditions can result in deteriorated handling. WARNING The charts and info on this page do not imply interchangeability. Consult your machine’s manual to determine correct replacements, clearances, compatibility and stability, load.
  • bearing capacity, speed rating, radial vs. non.
  • radial, pattern and tread compound requirements, inflation recommendations and front.
  • to.
  • rear tire matching. Wrong selection can result in tire failure or loss of control with serious injury or death.
  • Heavy duty construction offers a significantly smoother ride over rough trails.
  • Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the sidewall and rim.
  • Tire is suitable for desert, dirt, rock, mud and snow applications.