CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Neck Kit

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If you have a KTM 690, you know that accessing and using the stock fuel filler cap can sometimes be a hassle. With the CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Neck Kit you get a solution that solves several problems typically encountered with the stock components.

With this kit you're looking at a screw on cap and a fuel neck that attaches directly to your fuel tank, creating a secure seal using the stock O-ring. With these design changes, CJ Designs completely eliminates the chances of a broken key and greatly reduces that chance of dirt falling down into your fuel and obstructing your efi system?problems both encountered with the stock gas cap.

This new designs still vents at the same 90 degree angle so you won't need a breather vent cap, and after a fairly simple installation, the CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Neck Kit will get you back out on your 690 without the hassle of the old components.

  • New design for KTM 690 fuel fill neck and gas cap
  • Billet aluminum construction with screw on cap
  • Prevents problem of key breaking off in gas cap
  • Greatly reduces chance of dirt and debris from entering your tank
  • Easily accessible even with luggage in place
  • Attaches directly to gas tank
  • Uses stock O-ring for precise, reliable fit and seal
  • Uses same 90 degree venting as stock so no breath vent cap is required