Carbon Up Armor Clutch Cover

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Product Information

The Carbon Up Armor Clutch Cover is a relatively new product, but it's already backing up big claims when it comes to providing strong, durable impact protection for your clutch. The appearance may remind you of some clutch cover protectors out there (protection that bolts on top of your stock cover), but make no mistake, the Carbon Up Armor cover is a stand-alone cover that can take much more abuse than the majority of clutch covers and protectors out there.

Carbon Up Armor covers are so tough because they're made from a unique carbon fiber-infused thermoplastic that can flex to avoid cracking but is strong enough to resist repeated hits with a sledgehammer (watch the video above). That means the Carbon Up Armor Clutch Cover won't break when it's hit by rocks or when your brake pedal is pushed up into it. The Carbon Up Armor cover is also much lighter than traditional covers, and it's even built with the increased clearance needed to fit an auto clutch. And that makes the Carbon Up Armor Clutch Cover one of the best covers for off-road and enduro bikes like the KTM 300 XC-W or Husqvarna TE 250.

  • Exceptionally strong carbon fiber-infused thermoplastic construction
  • Drastically increased damage/impact resistance vs billet and cast covers
  • Lightweight materials make the cover weighs much less than alternative covers
  • Built with enough clearance to fit automatic clutches (also increases oil capacity)
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty